10 Best Fitness Blogs To Consider Following (2020)

Fitness blogs are a great way to keep yourself motivated and find new ways to progress. However, people have different goals and obstacles they aim to reach with fitness. We found the best blogs of any form of fitness and organized them here so you can read based on what interests you the most.

Who should read it: Women who are busy with kids or work and have very little time for fitness.

The Balanced Life is the perfect fitness blog for busy women. The founder, Robin, started The Balanced Life to help busy women meet their health and fitness goals. The Balanced Life provides readers with many short and effective Pilates workouts that can be done in your own home. Robin offers great advice on how to maintain balance in life even when you are living a busy lifestyle. 

Who should read it: For the formerly ill or injured

Livestrong is a non profit organization that began by providing support for people diagnosed with cancer. The website covers a large variety of health topics, but they continue to offer great advice for people recovering from cancer or injury. They also offer general guidance on topics.

Who should read it: Nerds! Geeks! Cos-players!

Nerd Fitness makes its name by reminding people that you don’t have to be some popular jock to get fit. You can be a nerd and be fit too! Nerd Fitness is perfect for beginners and offers many workouts that can be done in the safety of your own home. Nerd Fitness focuses on getting in shape more than getting ripped like Superman, but that’s not its goal. Nerd Fitness is geared towards individuals who have a casual interest in fitness and want to get in shape with minimal effort and while doing simple exercises. 

Who should read it: Men who can’t seem to lose weight

Fat Burning Man was started by Abel James when he had a major body change after he stopped listening to his doctor’s advice. Abel James gives nutrition and fitness advice that is completely contrary to mainstream fitness advice. He touts about The Wild Diet in which he claims that you can eat bacon, butter, and steak while dropping fat at the same time. The main principle is simple: focus on food quality, not quantity. This diet plan is completely unlike most of the mainstream diet plans, such as Keto and Atkins, because it is not super restrictive.

Who should read it: The Nutrition Enthusiast

Fitness isn’t entirely what makes you lose weight. Diet plays a key role too. That is exactly what PrecisionNutrition aims to show.  Precision Nutrition even offers its own nutrition certification with two levels, as well as many guides to eating healthy and eating for weight loss. So, if you want to lose weight with a nutrition focus, check them out.

Who should read it: If you are stressed out or a yoga lover

Daily Cup of Yoga is a blog that focuses on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. It also offers articles on general fitness and fitness technology. Brian Crawford writes the majority of the articles, however there is a section of guest submitted articles as well. This website is perfect for yogis of all levels or even the average person who is looking for tips on stress relief.

Who should read it: If you love to run

Runner’s World is a website for runners of all levels. They offer articles for marathon training, half-marathon training, trail running, nutrition and weight loss, and more. They also offer a magazine subscription which has the most subscribers out of all the running magazines in the United States.

Who should read it: The athlete

Stack is an athlete focused training website that offers sport-specific diet and training advice. The writers for Stack are either sports trainers or athletes themselves. In addition to their training and nutrition articles they have articles that provide drills and tips for sports specific skills such as shooting form in basketball, pitching form in baseball, or footwork in football. This website is perfect for athletes of all levels and ages.

Who should read it: If you don’t just want to be fit. You want to be jacked.

T-Nation is another weight lifting focused website that offers a lot of great advice for bodybuilders, power lifters, Olympic lifters, and the average lifter who lifts to stay healthy.  It offers opinions from many different fitness professionals many of whom have different philosophies when it comes to training. It offers blogs from three professionals including Chris Shugart, Christian Thibaudeau, and Dani Shugart. This website puts a large emphasis on the science of training.

Who should read it: If you want to lose weight, stay fit, learn a better diet… anything actually.

Started by Ryan DeLuca in 1997, Bodybuilding.com is now one of the most visited fitness websites on the internet. The main focus of Bodybuilding.com is well, bodybuilding, but they cover everything else. Bodybuilding.com has articles which give advice about everything related to bodybuilding from exercises to supplements. You want a new diet? A new workout? They have it. The writers include hundreds of certified personal trainers, fitness experts, and there are even articles written by users. This site also includes loads of workout and fitness plans, many of which are free.

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