Best Food Review Blogs of 2020

There is so much food out there in the world that it is impossible to try it all… To keep you from becoming overwhelmed, we have created a list of the best food review blogs we could find so that you can get a pretty good idea of what you should start trying first. Bon Appetit!

Review Type: Fancy

If you are looking for reviews on a restaurant, chances are you want to go to a fancy restaurant and really don’t feel like wasting your money on a dud. Gayot provides high quality reviews on fancy restaurants all across America. It will be well worth it to give this site a check first if you are a picky eater.

Review Type: Fast Food

Maybe you don’t want to spend much at all actually. If, like me, you are just curious what the newest burger tastes like at your local fast food joint, then check out Dayum Drops. This guy doesn’t hold back on if he likes it or not, so you can trust that he will say it like it is.

Review Type: Grocery

Don’t even feel like eating out at all? Grocery products need criticism too! Check out The Kitchn for reviews on everyday grocery products. Everything from the best store bought pizza, to the best tomato sauce is there.

Review Type: Local

Now, we start getting more specific. Roadfood provides reviews of local eateries that may not be the most fancy of restaurants, but certainly have good food. Roadfood travels the world for the best local grub that warrants a visit if you are from the area.

Review Type: Pizza

Now to get even more specific: Pizza. One Bite Pizza reviews, hosted by the David Portnoy himself, is the most accurate pizza review blog to date. Having traveled to pizza places across the world, Dave gives great insight on local pizza joints and the comments section allows locals to debate whether or not they agree with him.

Review Type: Movie Food

If you have been watching TV and some delicious looking food comes up on the screen that you really wish you could try… Binging with Babish probably has the recipe for it. Chocked full of weird recipes like…. green eggs and ham from Dr. Seuss, you will find a recipe on how to make it and his own personal review of whether or not it is worth it to make.

Review Type: Public

Yelp is a great place for reviews on restaurants that are too new or small to have any media attention. There are some gems on this site, but be aware people have different biases.

Review Type: Esteemed Critics

New York Times has a restaurant review that is run by esteemed food critics. If you really want to know what is good by a trained palate, then try looking at their food review blog.

Review Type: Food Culture

Eating food isn’t JUST about the food… It’s about the culture around it as well. That is exactly what The Eater reviews. Each restaurant has its own story behind it and learning about it can certainly make the food more enjoyable.

Review Type: Candy

Finally, dessert! is a review blog based upon the best candy you can find. Based mostly on unique candies that look appetizing, CandyBlog can help you make a decision on what your next sugar crave will be.

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