Top 10 Blogs To Learn Voice Acting in 2020

Voice Acting is becoming a career full of more and more options as technology progresses. If you believe you have a special voice for it, here are some blogs to learn to harvest it the best you can:

Teaching an academic take on voice acting, Global Voice Academy has a blog that gives information on voice acting that help give you a grasp on how to train your voice better through proven techniques.

Do you want to work on tv shows and movies? Or do you want to do commercials? VA nutshell gives great tips for those who want to do tv shows and movies.

Are you instead looking to HIRE a voice actor? Voice Crafter gives insight on how to pick the best voice actor for the job.

Are you instead looking to do Voice overs for commercials? Successful Fiverr professional, Anthony Pica, knows how it’s done. This blog is full with exclusive content and tutorials on how to become a better VO.

Carrie Olsen is a professional voice actor who gives first hand information on how to become a better voice actor, and what it is like in the business.

Debbie Grattan is a professional voice actor that also gives her own perspective and tips on voice acting. She includes demos on her various voices and how she works to achieve new and interesting voices.

As an overall well organized resource for any voice related career, gives a great hub of information to check out for any news or breakthroughs in voice acting.

Backstage’s blog is very informative for voice actors trying to break through in the business and is conveniently a way to get good resume building work through its job posts. Every voice actor should be subscribed to it.

Voice123 provides a step by step process on the business aspects of voice acting and provides insight on the best practices to build a successful voice acting career.

Finally, we have our winner: Voice Acting Mastery is a blog created by renowned voice actor, Crispin Freeman. It covers voice acting in depth and has everything from interviews with famous voice actors, to gear tips on what to record with. This is a must follow, because the real world voice acting stories that are shared are very motivating and informing.

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